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Find love AND discounts in this steamy, OPM-inspired 18+ ILUJam game!!

It's the day of the big sale at the grocery store, but can Saitama make it there in time to get the best deals? Will he and Genos figure out what's going on between them? What about that pesky ninja, Sonic? Will he get the kobe beef? Or will he get the beef, if you catch our drift?

Remember: ADULTS ONLY!


Deep_Discount-2.2-all.zip 142 MB


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I played sometime ago, and it was super fun. I loved the art as well.  Thank you so much!

Ah...trying to hard to see if I can play this!!


I'm not a big fan of this anime but I decided to play this game since one of my closest friends is a giant fan of the show and ships hardcore saitama and genos. I basically just got this game so she could play it later on so my opinion may not be from your intended audience but I must say it was pretty enjoyable. I'm not sure if this was your intention or not but I was having such a good laugh with the way genos "relieves" himself. I just found it so funny! I'll play it some more times before my friend does just for the sake of it but this was pretty nicely done! Kudos to you!

(sorry if this comment doesn't really make sense. It's 5 am as I'm typing this....insomnia is kind of a bitch)

Nice work there, liked that you placed both a nice and a naughty path hehe.

My suggestion for the next game would be something with Sweet Mask and Metal Bat (with his hair from the special episode 6 - MUCH better than that hair gel mess).

Someone has to do something with that nasty attitude of Sweet Mask, and Metal Bat would be the best to calm him down a bit, make them sort their issues... plus maybe he gets that autograph for his sister in the end, eh?

This was truly wonderful. So many good endings <3 So many options available <3 I love how each option changes a lot in the story. Kudos to you author.

What really buggered me though was the lack of sound... it just... was really irritating for some reason :'3 Also, I don't know if there's a gallery hiding somewhere? I have played a couple of times so I don't know if it appears after unblocking something xD or maybe not (this one is not really a problem, just my curiosity xD :3)

I totally loved each and every detail of this game. I'm definitely following you >w< <3

Hey Meerkat! I'm the lead artist for the project! We had music planned, but that ended up falling through (the person was too busy to make it), so I made a Spotify playlist one could listen to while playing the game! I haven't posted a gallery of all the images yet, but I've posted a lot of them on my tumblr, tagged as ILUJam.

Thanks so much for playing our game! I should definitely upload the entire gallery of images at some point, maybe once the game's been released a little longer :)

Thank you so much for the playlist! It fits really well :D I just binge played with this playlist fueling me lol 100% completed!

Let me tell you, I fangirl SO MUCH over your art. Love your style, please keep sharing your lovely drawings.<3

This was perfect :D omg, i love this! The art is great too and yeshhh Sandwich Romance! *loves this*

(lead artist belatedly replying to comments) yeeess thank you!! We all worked so hard on this game!! so glad ppl are enjoying it.. our delicious egg sandwich XDD

this was such a great expirience ! i loooooooooove it !!

for some reason whenever I open the .exe file it immediately stops working? :'( Im on my Windows 10 laptop and i dont understand why am i so unlucky aaaaa;;;

Hi there! Sorry I missed this before; I thought I was getting email notifications for comments, but apparently that suddenly stopped!

Would you mind reaching out to give me some more information on what's happening? The game was made on an Win10 computer, so I feel like it might be something besides that. Hopefully we can get to the root of it!

I've actually never seen One-Punch Man, but I think I have to now. This was fucking hilarious.

Wow! I loved this so much!!!! It was amazing. The art is adorable (and hot) and the story, while understandably short, was really fun and hilarious. Some of the lines had me busting a gut! I'd like to compliment the writers for doing such an amazing job. Everyone was so in character, especially Sonic. I'm not usually a fan of him but after this I think I ship the trio ;)

(lead artist belatedly replying to comments here) thank you!!! :D :D :D Glad you enjoyed our game and yeeessss join me in the Egg Sandwich :> :> :>

Ahhrg! I have a mac. I'll find a way to play this, mark my words!

Ah, sorry about that! It should work on Mac too. I just uploaded a new build to fix some minor stuff so give that a shot, but let me know if you have any other issues with it!

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Ah! I just finished my first run and got the threesome ending. It was super wonderful! I found myself laughing out loud at quite a few of the jokes in this game, which I really appreciate it.

The only thing I wish there was, was music! But, I understand that's a bit harder to put together. (I put on some Katamari music in the background when I played, haha)

Otherwise, I found this game absolutely charming, super polished, really in character, and just a fucking joy to read and see.

It's great to see other people making fan-games (Yay, I'm not the only one!) and I'm excited for if ya'll end up releasing anything else.

Thanks so so much for sharing this game with the world!

ahhh omg thanks so much for these kind words+! yeesss the sandwich ending was so fun! Glad you liked our jokes too haha ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› we did have someone to do music at first, but they ended up not being able to do it due to very awesome life changes! katamari music is perf ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ I use a one punch playlist I made on Spotify for my bgm XD

Oh!! That's such a good idea about the playlist, how fun! <3